• Dare to Challenge

    Our name means power, keenness, and severity in Latin. Our key personnel are pioneers in waste and waste-to-energy sectors in Indonesia. We break barrier, and take leadership position.

    Lead from Experience & Network

    10 years experience in this pioneering sector. We are the first team to see its potential and has realized three landfill-gas-power plant projects in Indonesia. 


    We look forward partnering with you..

    Focus in Waste & Energy

    comprehensive industry overview, skill, experience, network in waste and waste to energy sector.


    We build simple solution but consider every details in its development.

    Passion for Business & Environment

    We want to do the right thing, to our business partners, our community, our investors, our employee, and particularly our environment.   

    Orientation to Solution

    Technology is not the pinnacle. Solution is. We start by formulating problem, checking available resources, doing ground checking, and then offer solution. 


    Our proposal is specifically suited to your specific situation. 

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