• the Waste & Energy Sector

    a highly needed infrastructure investment

    an emerging opportunity for social enterprise

    a needed transformation for Indonesia

    Integrated Waste Treatment Facility

    Conceptual Design, Fund Raising, Feasibility Study


    Landfill Gas Power Plant

    Implementation @ Indonesia's largest city

    Landfill Management

    Integrated Landfill Management & Landfill Gas Power Plant

  • the Sector

    an Emerging Opportunity for Investment

    Urgently Needed Infrastructure Investment

    Most cities in Indonesia are facing challenging tasks of finding the right way to handle municipal solid wastes. Even Indonesia's largest cities still relies on the cheapest but environmentally poor land filling to deposit waste. Often without much regards to environmental safeguard.


    Hazardous air from annual landfill fires, poor ground water due to leachate infiltration, prevalent disease due to uncontrollable vectors, are among the most profound impacts of these activities.


    Since 2008, our team were involved in the design and operation of Indonesia's two largest cities: Jakarta and Surabaya. True knowledge can only be gained with accumulated exposure and hands-on experience. By now, we have strong ideas how we can improve the situations with applicable technologies within the constraints of Indonesia's social context and budgeting reality.


    We are firm that private sector involvement is not only a necessity but crucial in the running of waste management operations due to the Indonesia's regional budgeting system and needs for consistency, service continuity, and standards. Acritas stands our ground to participate. 

    Integrating Environmental Protection & Business Sense

    Our team understands the challenge being faced by City Government. Community wants cleaner city. Growing population generates more waste. Industry is in need of power. Space and fund are limited. Social issues are mounting.


    At Acritas, we do not put technology as a pinnacle. We prioritize finding solution for city government partners. We creates business model that are bankable and profitable, yet sustainable and environmentally responsible. We look for proven technology and robust operational model. We identify potential demands of energy or product or services with strong bank abilities. We partners only with the best in the game. Acritas bridges city governments, investors, lenders, utility company, and technology partners to realize a strong and workable business environment in waste management sector.


    We fully realized in waste-related sector there is more about stakeholders than technology itself. 


    a Needed Transformation

    For many years, Indonesian cities were catered by informal businesses taking scraps and making a living out of recyclables. This group ability to recycle wastes can not be understated. Our view is that they shall be encouraged and made more efficient, and not eliminated. They shall be integrated within the reality of operation and doing business.


    At Acritas, we design our project carefully. Integrating informal sector, while finding the right angle for maintaining profitable operation. A large parts of our tasks is finding the right technology and operation partners that fits individual projects.


    We believe that credentials and experience are the most important indicator of future success. Acritas builds upon our 10 years experience and network in the sector and builds strategic partnerships for each project.


    Acritas continually seeks partners to support our development. Please get in touch with us, we are happy to hear from anyone who shares our vision. 

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